factory reset a Canon MF8330cdn

In a perfect world, you buy things, you work with those things and if they break, you can repair them.

In reality, hardware vendors in particular make it quite difficult to repair things.

I met one of those issues today. After playing with my network infrastructure at home, it needed to adjust the network settings of my SOHO Canon i-sensys MF8330cdn printer that has been serving my family good – so far.

For reasons unknown, I was not able to change any settings because I was always asked for a completely unknown username & password. I am 100% sure that I never entered such a password before and as it seems, Canon made it particulary difficult finding out how to factory reset the printer.

After a long search and after even purchasing the service manual in order to find a clue how to reset the device, I finally was able to resolve the riddle:

service mode = password reset

  1. enter the “Service Mode” by pressing “menu 2 8 menu”
  3. power off the printer and power it on again

the “menu” button is the one with the asterisk in the head

After that procedure, you will have an almost vanilla printer, with many (but not all) counters reset to 0 and all passwords removed.

only English & Japanese in UI

That however, had a strange sideffect. Now I can only choose between English and Japanese as the UI language, so beware if English causes issues for you or the rest of your users ๐Ÿ™‚

From what I have read, this also works for some newer models (in particular MF8380).

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I had the same issues and your post helped me a lot. However, I also struggled with my Japanese ๐Ÿ™‚ I managed to find the settings to allow your printer to be configured for europe. To do so, go to COPIER -> OPTION -> BODY -> LOCALE and set this to 6 for Europe. You might have to reset the printer again like you described above (i had to), but afterwards it will start the setup agent in english and allow you to set your desired region. Best regards, k.


Could you please post the options photos as now my printer only displays in Japanese language and I have no idea how to change the language back ๐Ÿ™

Your help is really appreciated.


Thanks for your reply kalle,
Unfortunately because it’s all in Japanese, I can not follow your instructions, unless you could do me a favour and tell me by pressing stages, using up, down and button name rather than options name.

In either case, thanks again for putting a time to reply.


Thank you very much, after doing what you mentioned, I had to restart the printer.

Claus D.

This really helped me get my 8330 back in line. I couldn’t find Danish anywhere, but your tip helped me. Just remember to turn of the printer and let it rest for about a minute, before turning it back on, then You’ll get the language options.






awesome side.Thanks for knowledge.This will help me very much.


Awesome ! Good joob and many thanks, Work on Canon MF6140dn too

Finn K. Rasmussen
I have met another of the above mentioned hardware vendor issues today, and Canon on-line support doesnโ€™t help their customers when in trouble! I lost network communication to my i-Sensys MF8340Cdn printer after a Canon Firmware Upgrade. The factory reset described above by you solved the problem! Similar solutions are provided by Pete Smith on the Spiceworks Community and on the Super Users site. This is what I did experience (hopefully the description might help other Canon i-Sensys printer owners finding it, when Googling for a solution): After having upgraded the i-Sensys MF8300 family printer drivers to v20.55 (Windows 10… Read more »

Hi. To get to English again, do the following:

Press: “Menu” key once
Then press the “down arrow” key once and press OK
Then press the “down arrow” key 9 times and press OK
Now select ENGLISH.



Marvelous! This was just the solution I was looking for and I appreciate. SAVED MY DAY!


Thank you!

This also works with the MF6180dw printer.

Service code to clear, now I’m able to access the network settings. Didn’t have any trouble with the language.

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