installing Blackberry Professional Software on Windows XP

One of our customers wanted to have BPS installed and due to the fact that our company is very OpenSource & linux centric, we did not want to have a full fledged W2Kx server deployed for that purpose but rather utilize an ordinary (old) WXP installation, fitting better into the existing Samba based infrastructure.

Various posts out in the wild indicate that it “should” be possible, but nothing that really shows the winding path needed to get it up and running.

For some time the installer drove me mad because it refused to install with a “enter a valid password” popup. Yet in the end, there isn’t much about it except a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • create a seperate login user for the BPS/BES services
  • that user must be in the local Administrators group
  • that user must have the right to run services (check local security policies)
  • file sharing must be enabled on the WXP box so that BES/BPS can authenticate the user during install (and later on)

The rest ist quite exactly as laid out in the excellent installation manuals provided by RIM [1]


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