capturing videos from your linux desktop

I recently had to produce some screencasts from my linux desktop and wasn’t able to find a “quick” solution for this “problem”. Of course, google is your friend, so here are two reasonable possibilities I found:

  • recordMyDesktop [1]
    The most powerful utility I found, coming as a commandline tool and with qt and gtk frontends as well. Furthermore you can also record audio. Its only limitation (if you call this a limitation) is that it can only produce ogg theora for video and ogg vorbis for audio, so no direct mpeg support (but converting theora to whatever is trivial).
  • XvidCap [2]
    An “older” utility (last update is from 2006). Besides capturing as a video including audio, it can also produce a series of jpegs instead. It produces mpeg videos.

So for now I am quite happy with recordDesktop 🙂


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