IBM ServRAID tools and Mandriva Linux 2010.0

We recently purchased a couple of Lenovo RD120 servers (exellent quality!) coming with an IBM ServRAID-8k SAS/SATA controller.

This RAID controller is well known from the IBM x35xx series and features RAID levels 0,1,5,6,10 and 1e (whateever level ‘1e’ may be :-), 256MB of RAM and a backup battery to finish write operations once power goes down. So in general, a truly excellent controller.

The only thing that proves to be somewhat tricky is to get the fitting tools up and running that allow you for example to hotswap drives (that is, take one drive offline, take another one online and synchronize it).

So, the first thing to do is to download the latest “IBM ServRAID Application CD” from here [1]. What you get from here is a +400Mb ISO, containing the tools for various operating systems, among them is linux and linux-x86_64.

Once you have downloaded it, copy linux_x86_64/cmdline/arcconf and linux_x86_64/manager/RaidMan-9.00.x86_64.rpm to the server.

The arcconf tool first needs to be made executable (chmod +x arcconf), then you can invoke it without parameters and it will list you all possible options. For example, this gives you more information about the raid controller:

% arcconf GETCONFIG 1 AD
Controllers found: 1
Controller information
   Controller                   : Okay
   Channel                      : SAS/SATA
   Controller                   : IBM ServeRAID 8k

In general, if you prefer command line tools like myself, arcconf allows you to do anything with the raid controller, that you like (decommission defect drives/commissison new ones, …).

But of course, sometimes GUI applications are not so bad, after all 🙂

Installing the manager application proves to be somewhat more tricky, because Mandriva is not officially supported by IBM. However, it is not too difficult:

% urpmi RaidMan-9.00.x86_64.rpm libxp6 libxt6 libxtst6 libstdc++5 libx11-common

The extra packages are required for java to operate correctly and to allow startup of the manager GUI.

Now, finally, you can invoke

% /usr/RaidMan/

You will get a couple of errors about “/usr/lib/” not being preloadable, but as far as I found out, you can safely ignore them.

The only thing yet missing is to allow remote access to the raid agent. So far I was not able to connect to the raid agents on the servers for reasons unknown.


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What version on Mandriva and what kernel version do you use. I have try it on few machines and raid-agent will panic my kernel in ips module.




all boxes are running 2010.0 and per kernel, some are running under

and some under


I’m not sure what’s wrong with my install but I can’t get it running. I got it running with kernel kernel-vserver- for a few reboot but now even this kernel panic soon I start raid-agent.



hmm, kernel-vserver. I guess that that would be the culprit here. As it seems, is the last vanilla kernel version that VServer supports, so I guess you will somewhat be lost …

The kernel-vserver package is from 2009.0 and has never been touched since, even not for 2010.0 and in cooker.

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