thunderbird’s “lightning” plugin and 64bit = ignorance

For some months now I became quite use to using the “lightning” calendaring plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird in conjunction with our eGroupWare installation. Not all things were perfect, but in general things worked quite well.

Now, at least for the public the lightning project had been quite silent for several months and so I was positively surpized to find a new version available in January.

Disappointment followed shortly after because obviously the lightning developers appear to be quite ignorant when it comes to 64bit versions of their plugin.

The .xpi file offered from the official Mozilla addons page [1] just doesn’t work for 64bit Thunderbirds: “Lightning could not be installed because it is not compatible with your Thunderbird build type (Linux_x86_64-gcc3).” Very funny, indeed.

Except very old installations, I don’t know any recent Linux installation that is not 64bit these days. 64bit versions of the major distributions have been around for many many years now …

Even after searching the web I am still not able to find a working 64bit version of the plugin.

Considering that sunbird, lightning’s “big sister” is available for 64bit, this is extremely weird and to some extend also very annoying …

[Update] well, I finally found a working 64bit version of the plugin here [2]


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