Canon + Scanning: stoneage stupidity

After my good approx. 6 years old Samsung CLP-550 printer refused to cooperate with me (mechanical troubles), I decided that it was time to buy a new printer.
Now that semi-professional multifunction printers become more and more affordable, I decided to go hunting for such a device and eventually got myself a Canon i-SENSYS MF8330cdn multi-function color laser printer for the decent amount of ca € 400,-

Its features looked promising:

  • ~20ppm in B/W and in color 
  • duplexer unit
  • ADF 
  • copier function 
  • Ethernet connection
  • “network scanning” feature.
  • Linux support

So far so good. Printing is excellent indeed (both in quality and speed terms), the copier is fine as well.

Only scanning seems to be a very weird thing when it comes to interconnectivity with non-Windows systems. Just imagine, the device is a “networking” device yet lacks any possibility to scan neither to a network share nor an FTP or email account.

Even under Windows you have to use an obscure “Computer registration” tool that “registers” this computer with the MF8330cdn, then allowing to choose this computer as a scanning target.

I mean, hey Canon: we have 2012 and the device even has a web interface – what drives you to cripple such a nice device with such a crappy scanning functionality??

Even if only scanning to a network share was possible, that would allow operating the scanner with any “reasonable” operating system at zero cost for Canon because all the required code for accessing network shares (or an FTP or an Email account) is open source these days.

This way, the scanner is just completely useless (and no, I don’t want to use “scan to USB stick” on a networking printer, just imagine).

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