unwanted http:// to https:// rewrites in Firefox

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HTTPS is a good thing, especially in times of Big Brother watching every byte you send over the wires.

That must be the reason why Firefox tries to be very smart and automatically remembers, if you’ve once visited a site using HTTPS and automatically redirects you to it.

So far, so good. This becomes a problem however, if you have to deal with sites during their development time, where the development site might have had HTTPS access at some point in the past, but not anymore.

What happens then, is really annoying – imagine the following szenario:

you have a test site running like this:


Now if you ever entered this URL into Firefox, it permanently remembers, that host “thetest.example.com” plus port “34567” means HTTPS.

 If at a later point in development you turn off HTTPS support on that port and enter


into Firefox’es address bar, it immediately mangles the URL to https://thetest.example.com:34567/ – without even trying to make an HTTP connect.

I tried private mode, I tried safe mode, I deleted any cookies I found and any offline data stored, but no luck.

Now, after some googling (long enough to make me think writing this post about 🙂 I finally found the solution.

Open the history, right click the site and choose “Forget About This Site”:

Firefox - Forget About This Site

And that should be it, hopefully 🙂

note: this happens on Firefox 27.0, so this has nothing to do with bug reports for older versions of Firefox.

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