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Goodbye Google Chrome, welcome Firefox

After having used Google Chrome for quite a long time, I now decided to quit it’s usage wherever possible. That is all the computers I regularly work on and of course my mobile devices. While I had originally been a fellow user of Firefox and its predecessors, I decided to move to Google Chrome mostly Continue Reading →

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ThePirateBay convicted

what a weird decision … So indeed a court in Sweden found the guys from The Pirate Bay guilty for “support for copyright-infringement” and other absurd things. Besides the court’s obvious ignorance of how search engines work and what they do, this is a slap into the face for a whole generation of young people. Continue Reading →

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Installing Torbutton on Mandriva 2009.1

As it seems we are all about 2 be surveillanced to an extend where it really starts to hurt even me as an “ordinary” user. So one of the possibilities one has is to use Tor [1]. Tor essentially allows you to browse the internet without others eavesdropping you and tracking, what sites you accessed Continue Reading →

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